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Why Buy Water Backup Coverage? This is a question we often hear when we are presenting a homeowners coverage with this endorsement added.  In order to understand why you need the endorsement, you need to first understand what your basic homeowners policy covers and does not cover.  READ MORE >>

Help! I've got woodpecker damage on my home!    Bees infested my attic and honey is dripping down the wall!  Raccoons chewed holes in my house!  All of these statements are usually followed with one question to the insurance agent..."Am I covered? READ MORE >>

Invisible Killer:  Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning   Every winter we hear more about it, but you can't see it, it's invisible.  You can't smell it either, it's odorless.  You can't even taste it, but it can and does kill many each year.  What is "it"?  Carbon Monoxide Gas. READ MORE >>

Preventing Burst Water Pipes The LAST thing anyone wants to deal with in the wintertime is a big icy watery mess in their home due to burst water pipes.  So today’s blog will address some of the common questions and concerns regarding this damaging peril to your home. 1. READ MORE >>

If you own a truck with a snowplow and clear driveways in the winter for extra cash, you probably already know that you need to have a commercial auto policy for proper coverage.  You also probably know that if you have other drivers plowing on your behalf you'll need to add hired and non-ow... READ MORE >>

You can't turn on the news today without hearing about one disaster or another somewhere in the world!  While no one can be entirely prepared for an unexpected event, certainly preparing ahead would alleviate some of the problems and a lot of the stress a victim has to experience. READ MORE >>

  If a tree falls in the woods- well, let's face it, nobody really cares!  BUT, if a tree falls in your yard, on your house, on your garage or smashes your fence, well now that's another story!  And, that's when the insurance questions begin.  Will your insurance pay to remove the tree? READ MORE >>

DO I NEED FLOOD INSURANCE? Good Day Friends!  Many of you have probably heard about the flash floods that occurred in Missouri yesterday, near St. Louis.  The flood waters came up fast and furious and receded quickly too, leaving massive devastation in it's wake. READ MORE >>

        Good Morning Glen Arbor!  (and everyone else!)  So is it REALLY spring?  The calendar says so, but what does the weatherman say?  Well I checked with The Weather Channel (and they are never wrong...HA!) and the good news is tomorrow the high should be 51! READ MORE >>

Well folks...Winter IS finally here!!!  Most of us Northerners know all about driving in the snow, but it never hurts to review a few winter driving tips to see if there's anything else we can do to prevent an accident.  So here are a few ideas that come to us from our neighbor to the north. READ MORE >>

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