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July 7, 2016

Is it July already?

Good day Northern Michigan! Is it really July already?  What a crazy bunch of weather we’ve had here up north, eh? Cold one day, hot the next! Typical Northern Michigan. But, we do hope you are enjoying your summer! I personally hope
you have had the chance to check out our new website! Its still in process, but we are proud of what we have so far!  Go online and check it out – we have many interactive pages that you can go to for quotes, service requests,
get insurance information and even a community page (that sorely needs updating now, I know!)  We hope our website will be one more thing to set us apart from “the other guys” and help you to get the service you need, when you
need it!  Check it out!  There are links to make payments online, links to the companies to file claims if our office is closed, links with calculators that may help you in your financial planning, and a frequently asked
questions page.  Please feel free to give us feedback, via email or on our Facebook page!  We are also now on Google Plus. but I’m still just learning how to navigate that site.  So- take a minute, browse about
and let us know what you think!  I’m looking forward to your comments!  I’ll be posting another blog in a week or so, all about our recent family beer making contest, with some very distinguished judges…..you’ll
have to wonder who they are until next time!  Until then, I’m still yet……Nancy!

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