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August 22, 2016

The Big Storm of 2015

It’s been over a year now since “The Big Storm of 2015” that devastated Glen Arbor and nearby parts of Leelanau County on August 2nd.  So how are we doing now, a year later? 
The resilient residents and businesses are recovering and recouping after their losses and most are faring quite well.  In fact, to most visitors, you wouldn’t even notice anything had happened last year, that is unless you were
a regular Alligator Hill hiker.  The hill is being left to nature by the park, so the area landscape there has changed quite a bit, but it will now take on an interesting new look, while nature replenishes itself.  Yes,
for many in the area, it was summer as usual. 

At Devette & Ford Insurance, things are finally getting back to normal.  Last year we fielded literally hundreds
of claims, from minor tree damage to extensive home damage.  Our companies have paid out millions of dollars to help our insured’s get their homes and businesses back to normal.  We are proud of the way our office and
our companies were able to step in and handle this major catastrophe!  We worked many evening hours and Saturdays trying to keep up with our regular work as well as claims handling.  And it didn’t help that we had another
big storm in December!  Many of our customers were hit a second time by the forces of nature, but we did our best to help them in their time of need.  We appreciate that the vast majority of our customers patiently waited
their turn, realizing the scope of these disasters.  And we appreciate the hard work and dedication of ALL the claims adjusters and appraisers that also had to work many hours of overtime to
get things done.  Thank you to all of you who helped our community and our office in our time of need! 

Until next time,
I’m still yet – Nancy. 

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