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May 23, 2016

The New Website is Up!

Our new website is up!  Our new website is up!  Just a little reference to the old Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk” when he got his new phonebook.  Anyone else remember that scene?  “The new phonebooks are
here!  The new phonebooks are here!”  Our loveable Steve Martin character thought seeing his name in print meant that he was now…”Somebody!”  Well, our agency now has it’s new interactive website – so….. 
But wait, we already WERE somebody!  We are the agency that has been in Leelanau since 1919!  So I guess that should oughta make us SOMEBODY alright!  In all seriousness though, I do hope you take the time to
explore our website, there will be some typical insurance stuff on there, but also some other items of interest.  I plan to have a community calendar page, so please help me with that all ya’ll!  In addition, there is
an extensive insurance glossary and some FAQ’s to help answer your insurance questions – whenever you have them.  Because isn’t it in the middle of the night when you are laying there in bed, unable to sleep and you think, WHY
do I need this or that coverage?  What is it for?  I need to call my agent about that tomorrow….Well guess what folks, you can get online and probably find out right now!  Yes, I expect our new website will
help you all get some good sleep…. one way or another!  Well, have a good one folks!  Until the next time…still yet, Nancy! 

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