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August 30, 2016

The Truth About Insurance Ads

Hey Friends! Thought I’d share a few thoughts today about all the insurance ads on TV. You know the ones…telling you that you have the wrong company because you should have a certain coverage, or telling
you that their company covered this or that type of claim. All are designed to make you wonder if you should switch to THEIR company so you can be so fortunate as to have THAT coverage.  Why, you must
be missing out on something!  Oh my!  Quick, what’s their number?  Ha!  

The truth is….more than likely your insurance company HAS those coverage’s available
and WOULD pay that claim also!  But how can you be sure? How do you know if your company and your policy covers all your needs? Contact YOUR agent!  And what if you want to find out
if that claim they just showed on TV, if that happened to you, you would be covered?  Contact YOUR agent!  And what if you wonder if you are getting all the discounts you are entitled
to?  Contact YOUR agent!  

That’s right!  Call your agent, make an appointment and go in for a policy review.  WHAT???  You don’t have
an agent?  Or you don’t know your agent?  WHY may I ask?  Would you give someone you don’t know $250,000 to hold onto until you needed it?  Of course not!  So why
would you give someone you don’t know the contract to insure your home for $250,000?  A relationship with YOUR agent is what you REALLY need!  If your company doesn’t have an agent that you can call
and talk to on the phone or go in and visit in person, well, really, why are you there? The TRUTH about your insurance is really this – YOUR agent needs to KNOW YOU and YOUR NEEDS, so they can provide you with the coverage that
YOU WANT & NEED!!!  So please, if you haven’t done so already, get to know YOUR agent!  Give them a call, stop by for a visit!  At Devette & Ford we love visitors!  Come by and see the
Devette & Ford family and give Max and Chloe a treat!  Pick up a calendar for next year, or just say Hi!  We WANT to get to know you, our customers, personally.  And that’s the truth about insurance…from
where I sit! 

As Always, I’m Still yet….Nancy

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