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July 25, 2016

To Brew or Not to Brew….

To brew or not to brew…that is the question!  Yes – we held our annual family beer brewing contest up in Leelanau again this year on the shores of Little Traverse Lake.  Once again, we had some very distinguished
judges…. none other than Tom & Sue Ingold themselves! This year we also had their daughter Sarah as a judge and also weighing in was our middle son Nick, who was unable to get his brew ready in time, so he sat on the
judging committee.

Stouts, craft beers, golden brew….what is your preference? One of our contestants (Jess of course), tried to woo one of the judges (Tom) with a dark brew, but alas to no avail. This
year, we had a new contestant, one of the daughter in laws entered her own concoction. So we had Dad, oldest son Ben, his wife Kate and our youngest son, Jess, all with brews in the running. Judging was a serious affair, many oohs and
aahs and some ughs….!!!  But at last the winner was announced…. and guess what… the old adage of “beginner’s luck” may seem to apply since Kate took the grand prize!  Mostly bragging rights but also a nice little
sign of distinction handmade by Sue Ingold and a Detroit Tigers medallion…(valuable parting gifts indeed!)  But in truth, Kate’s beer was a wonderful brew, and while they all guessed many flavors of what it may be, the judges
missed the mark guessing as it was simply a delicious milk stout!    Maybe next year they’ll add some chocolate…after all, doesn’t chocolate make everything taste better?  Now if we could
just find a way to add chocolate to your insurance policies….

Still yet – Nancy

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